Topical Issues and Tailored Side Events for Electronics Manufacturing at NEPCON China 2015

07 May 2015

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Connected Vehicles, Smart Wearable, Industry 4.0, Smart City, Printed Electronics and a number of other innovative technologies that represent top development trends driving vitality in the electronics manufacturing market will be part of NEPCON China 2015.  With the application of information safety engineering, performance assurance, digital factories, industrial energy efficiency and other new applications, electronics manufacturing is transforming its traditional expertise in standard technologies like welding, SMT and measuring.  A new era of automation, intelligent and refined manufacturing will reshape electronics manufacturing in China.

In the face of abundant opportunity, active participants will do well at the show as the thriving electronics manufacturing industry transforms and upgrades.  Thanks to favorable new government policies, electronics manufacturing equipment vendors continue to seek ways to innovate.

NEPCON China is a key industry event that the world’s entire electronics manufacturing industry pays attention to.  This year, the show will take place at Shanghai New International Expo Center (Hall 1) from 21 to 23 April. A dozen side events, including the Tailored Panel Forum and summits for automotive electronics, printed electronics, electronics new materials, telecommunication electronics, smart wearables and other industries will attract well-known exhibitors and visitors. Participants to the show will boost their technological capabilities and drive innovation by gathering in the exhibition to share cutting-edge electronics manufacturing technologies and new system solutions for popular businesses, while exploring value for the industry. The exhibition will promote technological development, as well as sustainable, healthy growth in electronics manufacturing.

Connected Vehicles Create New Wave of Automotive Electronics Innovation

With remarkably fast growth over the past few years, China’s automobile market has become the largest worldwide. In a market of zero tolerance for damage of auto parts and defect recall, automobile system and design engineers have a tough job. How to improve a vehicle’s reliability, usability and drivability, while swiftly securing market share is a top concern in the automotive electronics industry.  And as a key link in the Internet of Things (IOT), with its unique industrial advantages, Internet of Vehicles (IOV) is a new landscape of opportunity in manufacturing.

In order to get in-depth understanding of development strategies and dominant trends in the automotive industry, while also promoting safe, efficient and orderly development of the automotive electronics market, the Automotive Electronics and Auto Parts Technology Forum, organized by Reed Exhibitions with Electronic Fancier Network, will focus on hot application market sectors like automobile electronics, power electronics and embedded connectors.  This will assess the trend of modern smart automobile development.

The forum will also host big-name automotive vendors to share their expertise in automotive electronic control systems, modular unit production, innovative design of Beidou navigation modules and in-vehicle infotainment, giving a full picture of automotive electronics and auto parts.The forum will target high quality guests and expansively feature competitive solutions to key industry challenges. NEPCON China 2015 Automotive Electronics and Auto Parts Forum is a platform created for electronic product vendors and buyers to interact and exchange views on technological innovations.

New Electronic Materials, Momentum Spark Breakthroughs in Industrial Manufacturing 

As the fundamental element of hi-tech innovations, electronics materials have an extremely wide range of application.  Numerous remarkable tech breakthroughs have been achieved thanks to new electronics materials. Today, producing highly efficient, safe, low-cost and environment friendly electronics materials, while ensuring smooth production processes and product quality, has become a major challenge for electronics manufacturers. Subject to adapting to new production processes and meeting product design demands, electronics materials can satisfy diverse modern demands and help electronics makers cut energy consumption, improve efficiency and lower costs.

NEPCON China 2015 will cover all cutting-edge technologies and development trends of new electronics materials through the New Electronics Materials Forum. This side event will showcase new products and technologies like semi-conductor materials, component and parts materials, panel display materials, printed circuit board materials, battery materials, electronic tin solder materials and adhesives.  It will be China’s most efficient purchasing platform for electronics materials. Over 150 top professionals and customers in electronics materials will join the forum to conduct in-depth discussions on a series of key topics, including renewable materials and diversification of electronics materials.

Towards an Ideal 4G World: Mobile Telecommunication Manufacturing Development Summit Forum

From 3G to 4G, the upgrade is more than a generational update in that it has promoted innovation across the entire mobile telecommunication industry chain, including software applications, smart terminals, operation systems and digital chips.  This has revolutionized electronics manufacturing. As China further integrates the telecommunications industry, telecomms tech innovations and breakthroughs are gaining greater attention from fields like product informatization, manufacturing, operations, management, energy saving, emissions reduction and safe production.

Reed Exhibitions will work with the Shanghai Telecommunication Manufacturing Association to launch the Mobile Telecommunication Manufacturing Development Summit Forum at NEPCON China 2015. The forum is designed to give upstream and downstream mobile telecommunication companies predictive analysis of high-end smart device manufacturing trends and technological applications, in an effort to boost the work of telecommunication equipment makers’ in advanced equipment research and development. It will also drive upgrades of smart terminals, promote software companies to develop more and better applications and ultimately help to improve service across the entire telecommunication industry.

Printed Electronics: Advanced Concepts and Guaranteed Prospects

With green attributes like low energy consumption, low material consumption and non-corrosive processing, printed electronics, the newcomer to electronics manufacturing, has huge potential. Printed electronics products differ from traditional electronic in their large mass and flexibility.  They have huge potential and broad market prospect. With steady growth of related industries, printed electronics techniques are being updated fast.

Despite late entry into China, printed electronics are enjoying stellar development momentum and retain great potential for innovation. The Printed and Flexible Electronics Industry Development Seminar will boost industrialization of printed electronics, by focusing on discussions of the status quo and on development trends of the technology and printed electronics market in China and worldwide. The seminar will also explore opportunities that the fast-growing Chinese printed electronics industry will bring to electronics equipment makers in future.

Reed Exhibitions Celebrates 30 Years Since Entry of SMT & NEPCON China into China Exhibition Market

This year marks the 30th anniversary of the entry of SMT and NEPCON China into China.  To mark the occasion, Reed has planned two events—a retrospective exhibition on SMT development in China over the past three decades and a giveaway quiz. Visitors are welcome to join both activities. In addition, there will be a cocktail party for trade professionals to celebrate this special milestone. The popular 30-year retrospective will showcase rare historical photos and documents to take us back through the development milestones of China's SMT industry and NEPCON China. The giveaway quiz will be held on site. Details are available on NEPCON China’s official WeChat at “NEPCONofficial”. Join us to win fantastic prizes.

Automation of Electronics Manufacturing Forum, Smart Factory 1.0 is Here! 

China's electronics manufacturing industry has developed remarkably fast. However, it lags behind its Western counterparts in terms of competitiveness and sustainability of development. Under increasing pressure due to resource exhaustion, environment degradation and rising labor costs, finding a path to sustainable development has become urgent for China's electronics makers. Using advanced automation technologies and products to help improve technologies and efficiency in electronics manufacturing is the inevitable and optimal choice for electronics makers to solve current challenges. As the best support to transform and upgrade the electronics manufacturing industry, automation technology is effectively integrating into, and changing, people’s professional and personal lifestyles.

To help top managers transition to automation and “Smart Factories”, Reed and China Science & Technology Automation Alliance (CSTAA) will host a seminar themed: NEPCON and Smart Factory 1.0 - the Future of Electronics Manufacturing. CSTAA will invite industry experts to elaborate on the use of advanced automation products, technologies, and standards in electronics manufacturing. They will also have product experts from top automation makers share with end users more solutions and application examples for smart factories in electronics manufacturing. The new mode of industrial production is expected to bring overwhelming change in terms of manufacturing energy consumption, efficiency and effectiveness. Thanks to its rich content, the seminar will inspire and bring value to visitors and exhibitors.

Smart Wearable Tech on the Rise

Promoted by High-End Forum to Broader Industry

The rising smart wearables industry is upgrading from a simple development pattern to the 2.0 era featuring more complete functions, fine production, appealing appearance and precise computing. Today, smart wearables are in virtually all aspects of our lives, including clothing, housing and transport. Business opportunities for hi-tech electronic components, materials, systems, software and cloud computing that support smart wearables are on the rise as smart wearable tech develops at an unbelievable pace.

The Smart Wearable Devices Forum to be held alongside NEPCON China 2015 is set to deliver real time information on cutting-edge technologies and products.  The Forum will also serve as a platform of face-to-face exchange for brand names, manufacturers and solution providers. Participants to the exhibition can experience smart wearable techniques in person, while listening to expert case studies that elaborate on smart wearable device’s integrated assembly solutions.

Electrostatic Protection Summit Forum

Solving the Problem: Static Electricity is No Longer a Mere Annoyance

ESD (Electrostatic Discharge) is widely regarded as a serious threat to the stability and reliability of electronic devices. With increasing use of electronic technologies and smart products in everyday living, the unreliability of electronic devices is no longer a mere annoyance. The ESD protection of electronic devices has gradually become a serious issue affecting safety in urban areas. Shanghai ESD Industry Association, sponsors of the Summit Forum on China’s Anti-Static Industry which has had multiple editions, will join Reed Exhibitions in inviting academics, company executives and top industry professionals, local and international, to speak on two forum topics – ESD in the “Smart” Era; and responses to upgraded ESD Standards.  Such a high-profile forum is sure to prompt the Chinese government to attach ever-greater importance to ESD protection.  Are you ready to comply with the emerging ESD standard upgrades?

SMT Home Member Gathering, Expanding Networks Through Face-to-Face Communication

SMT Home is the largest online forum in the SMT industry, with 500,000 active users. A number of users continually create and update SMT information online, making the forum the top one of its kind. Reed Exhibitions will host over 150 members of SMT Home at NEPCON China 2015. Moderators of all the hottest forum sessions will be present onsite and be available for face-to-face communication and exchange of ideas.  Guest speakers will address the latest knowledge, opportunities, challenges and other hot topics in manufacturing with the members of SMT Home, answering questions as they go. Participants will get a rare chance to talk directly, or pose for photos, with their internet idols.  It is also a chance to expand social networks. Registration for the event is open for SMT users.

Having seen booming development in China’s electronics manufacturing industry, NEPCON China 2015 will emphasize communication and cooperation among the industrial chains in discussions on industrial supervision policies, business prospect analysis, sharing new products and techniques and exploring industry development trends. The workshops and summits to be held alongside the exhibition will further promote sustainable and healthy development in China's electronics manufacturing industry. Join the exhibition to share your views on challenges and innovations in the new era of Chinese electronics manufacturing.

News Source: NEPCON

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