High-Profile New Launches, NEPCON China 2015 Commits to Creating Open Smart Electronics Ecosystem

07 May 2015

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At the start of the information era, electronics manufacturing is highly significant in China’s manufacturing industry. Over the past two years, as the country’s economic structure has adjusted, and industrial transformation and upgrade have normalized, the electronics manufacturing industry is seeking new ways to develop.

A number of labor-intensive industries have dropped out of the market or transformed / upgraded, due to high labor costs and outdated production facilities. While several new industries represented by electronics automation and new materials are emerging.  This is boosting the transformation of electronics manufacturing into a more sustainable development pattern featuring smart innovation, high efficiency and environment protection. At the same time, industrial transformation has driven the emergence of numerous new techniques, materials and manufacturing technologies. 

NEPCON China 2015 will be held at Shanghai World EXPO Exhibition & Convention Center from April 21 to April 23.  The show will cover the latest cutting-edge products and technologies around the globe, including surface mount technology (SMT), surface welding technology, electronic measuring and testing, electronics manufacturing automation, anti-static cleaning and new electronic materials.  The show will also provide electronics manufacturers with comprehensive manufacturing techniques and solutions from SMT to EMA.

As Asia’s largest SMT trade event, NEPCON China 2015 closely aligns with national economic development strategy and caters to local and international political, as well as, economic policies. With new products representing the current industry focus and trends launching on site, the event will continue to act as the development trend indicator for China's electronics manufacturing equipment industry and electronics manufacturing industry. 

The electronics manufacturing industry is booming and a number of sectors are gaining momentum.  These include semi-conductors, automobile electronics, IOT, micro-nano and sensor technologies, integrated circuits and wearable devices.  Plenty of other new products continue to be developed.

However, electronics manufacturing techniques are fundamental, regardless of the robustness of the industry’s health.  Industry insiders say that optimal manufacturing processes and scientific techniques rely on high efficiency and environment friendly electronic materials, as well as advanced processing systems.

NEPCON China 2015 will showcase key electronics manufacturing materials and equipment covering the entire electronics information industry chain, from components to systems and from applications to services.  The new products many companies will launch onsite will give a full picture of the industry’s most cutting edge products and technologies.

Top SMT Technologies Support Electronics Manufacturing Industry Growth

With mature technology, low costs, flexible layout, high integration and other advantages, SMT has become one of the highest potential technologies in electronics assembly.  It is developing following multifunction, high reliability trends in Chinese electronics manufacturing. China has become a key global SMT market, which is good for the SMT industry. A number of SMT and SMT peripherals makers will bring their new products to the show and NEPCON China 2015 will see a major gathering of electronics manufacturing giants. 

Panasonic Manufacturing Technology Co., Ltd.
NPM-W2 Module Chip Mounter

Panasonic Manufacturing Technology enjoys a strong reputation in electronics manufacturing.  At Booth C-1B01, the company will exhibit the following hi-tech machines: 

SPG: High-speed and high-quality screen printer to maximize SMT line performance; 

 AM100: Multipurpose chip mounter for one-machine-solution;

NPM-D3: Modular chip mounter integrated with higher productivity and higher accuracy;

NPM-W: Upgraded version of NPM-W2.

Each solution has integrated technologies in the form of plugins, surface assembly and component production.  They represent cutting edge total solutions for customers to realize high quality automated production. Panasonic’s exhibition also highlights the business value of technology innovation and innovative products.

Evest Corporation
MT600 High Speed and General Purpose SMD

Evest Corporation, another well-known SMT supplier (Booth B-1B48), has automation technologies that enhance operational efficiency and are manual labor-independent.  The company will launch its MT600 high-speed, general-purpose surface mount device. Equipped with the newly developed high-performance mounting head and real-time linear motion control system, the machine can achieve mounting speed of 36000CPH, featuring a higher rate of return, short return cycle and significant cost savings. As a well-established company, Evest Corporation revitalizes itself by developing strong technology support and solutions for new products and exploring the emerging SMT market.

Thanks to Overwhelming Popularity of Intelligent Robots, Electronics Manufacturing Automation Set to Realize Major Potential

In today’s fiercely competitive market, there are basically only two ways for companies to survive: improve quality or cut costs. In an era of wide application of modern technologies, rising labor costs and labor shortages have become key obstacles impeding the development of the traditional electronics manufacturing industry. Therefore, the use of new automation equipment (industrial robots) is becoming electronics manufacturer’s top route to overcoming these barriers under the current climate. As a key piece of equipment that supports automation in electronics manufacturing, industrial robots can satisfy various demands and meet intricate technological requirements, in conformation with future industry trends. A number of exhibitors at NEPCON China 2015 specialize in electronics manufacturing automation equipment.  The automation equipment they will present will be a show highlight, much anticipated by visitors.

Zhuhai Intelligent Automation Co., Ltd.
ABS-10 Automatic Attach Machine

Intelligent Automation is committed to making high efficiency, fast interchangeable and measureable intelligent equipment (Booth A-1D58). The company will launch an ABS-10 machine capable of automatically attaching reinforce panel to a flexible circuit panel. With the highlighted functionality and assisted by a visual positioning system, the machine features high accuracy, reliability, high efficiency and cost savings. It is expected to be widely applied in manufacturing sectors including function testing, firmware burning and tuned radio frequency.

Dongguan Sumida Automation Co., Ltd.
Small Handling Robot

Dongguan Sumida Automation (Booth A-A170) will showcase a small handling robot. The robot features full-dimension movement, fine assembly operation and fast handling. It substantially improves productivity with its senior intelligent supporting system, as well as more accurate positioning. The robot is of optimal height, saving much occupancy.  It will drive the transformation of the traditional scale-based industry towards a more sustainable industry model.

Lab-Grade Measuring Capacity, Electronics Test and Measurement Market Faced with Industrial Challenges

With the rapid development of telecommunication and consumer electronics market, the test and measurement instrument market is growing in parallel. However, this rising market faces severe challenges relating to the complexities of shorter test and measuring times, thanks to the ever-shorter R&D cycle of electronics. At NEPCON China 2015, VSCOM, Daojin and many other local and international brands will showcase their innovations in the test and measurement sector.

X7056 FPD 3D RS X-ray Inspection System

VISCOM (Booth B-1G40) is one of the top makers of automatic optical inspection equipment manufacturing. It will roll out a new product - X7056 FPD 3D RS - a powerful X-ray inspection system equipped with AOI camera system and laboratory-grade inspection capacity. VISCOM is confident that the launch of the S6056XM system will become the economical AOI equipment of choice, used across all SMT production lines.

SHIMADZU (China) Co., Ltd.
New Launch X-RAY Equipment SMX-800

Another highly anticipated electronics test and measurement product is Shimadzu’s X-RAY Equipment SMX-800 (Booth A-1F38). The equipment uses simple operation procedures.  Operable via touch panel and 3-axis operation arm, it simplifies operating procedures to a maximum degree. Equipped with a megapixel camera, the equipment takes clear, natural photos with ease.

Focus on Smart Environment Protection, Unique Development Solution of Electronic Welding Product

With an increasing degree of integration of electronic components and the emergence of advanced packaging technologies, welding equipment has to be up-to-date. Electronics welding is the critical process connecting electronic components. Faced with pressure to be environmentally sensitive, electronics welding vendors have started to break their silence to initiate the long journey towards upgrading, marching towards smog prevention, carbon emission reduction and production safety and high efficiency. Having completed upgrades, REHM Thermal Systems and Nordson will showcase their new products at NEPCON China 2015. These feature advanced modular design, very low energy consumption, little solder splash as well as smart environment protection.  Together, these represent more options for customers.

REHM Thermal Systems (Dongguan) Limited
New VisionXP + Vacuum
Reflow Soldering System Equipment

REHM Thermal Systems (Dongguan) Limited (Booth B-1C10) will exhibit its VisionXP+ Vacuum. The system uses reflow soldering systems equipped with vacuum modules, making void-free soldering possible. A special protective glue spraying system can be used to protect sensitive electronic components against erosion and damage from hazardous environments. The system helps customers meet special technology requirements and realize technological optimization economically and efficiently.

Nordson EFD
New Automatic Fluid Dispenser

Nordson (Booth  B-1F28) will launch its new fluid dispenser. Specially designed to reduce piston bounce, the machine integrates vision and laser high sensors with a close-loop coding function. During dispensing, the transparent piston can deliver perfect scraping performance, thus reducing fluid waste, increasing contact area between the piston surface and fluid, improving sealability and preventing piston bounce. The new product is designed to optimize the dispensing process and minimize fluid waste. The Nordson EFD fluid dispensing technology specially supports precise instrument welding.

Intelligent Electronics Cleaning Enables Convenient Shower for Electronic Components

AESTRONR EYE CM: Updated Innovation

The smaller and more precise an electronic product is, the tighter the anti-dust controls needed during the production process.  Even tiny dust particles, invisible to the naked eye, can badly damage electronics.  The electronics cleaning system delivers an updated solution to the challenge of electronics manufacturing pollution. With leading research and development capacity, ZESTRON (Booth B-1C35) will launch an environment protection and renewable detergent for electronics, semi-conductors, optical, solar, LED and metal surfaces. The ZESTRON® EYE CM realizes auto control over detergent concentration in SMT cleaning, a machine highlight. Highly intelligent operation ensures constantly stable control over detergent concentration for a smooth and safe cleaning process. Intelligent machine operation also delivers extreme convenience for everyday cleaning of electronics components.

New Labeler Type Takes Lead in Fiercely Competitive Electronics Packaging Market

Local fluid control technology passed a number of milestones.  Emerging in the fiercely competitive market, it grew rapidly in 2014. Although labeling systems remain unfamiliar to many companies, labeling has become a key process for highly intelligentized companies. The equipment can directly show product information by printing on the product surface, thus improving efficiency of intelligent management.

SCHWARZ Printing Trade (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.
SALPS-300-B Automatic Online Marking and Labeling Machine for PCB

SCHWARZ Printing Trade (Shanghai) (Booth A-1B76) will launch the SALPS-300-B Automatic Online PCB Labeler at the event. The labeler, made using the key equipment of the cab Hermes+, is the most advanced labeling machine in China.  The SALPS-300-B applies the mechanical structure: X-Y- axis precise ball screw driven by servomotor. It automatically applies labels, scans and uploads images to the network system - thus satisfying the demand to apply high temperature resistant labels to PCB panel during printing.

Closely following industry trends and targeting high-end electronic manufacturing products, NEPCON China 2015, will follow a low energy consumption, environment protection and high intelligence concept, to drive upgrades of traditional electronics manufacturing practices. While introducing local and international innovations, the exhibition remains a dedicated platform that facilitates communication among industry professionals.

News Source: NEPCON

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