Newcomers at NEPCON China 2015: Who Will Take the Electronics Manufacturing Industry Lead?

07 May 2015

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As the ambassador of the nation’s intelligent industry, the electronics manufacturing industry has long led economic development and technology innovation in China.  Its enormous production capacity has become the symbol of a nation’s innovation capabilities. Over the past two years, with the further opening up of the Chinese market, electronics manufacturing has faced a number of international challenges.

In a fiercely competitive market, local electronics manufacturers have to match international standards. Therefore, upgrades, transformation and innovation are the new norm for the industry’s future development. To achieve the transformation, it is not just established brand names that must contribute their efforts, emerging electronics manufacturing powers should also change.

NEPCON China 2015 will be held at Shanghai World Expo Exhibition & Convention Center from April 21 to April 23.  As the industry’s premier event, it is where top international electronics manufacturing giants showcase new products and share technology innovations.  Industry professionals also join to exchange ideas and learn from each other. The rising stars of the past few years will also take part in the exhibition to display new technologies and products across sectors like SMT, test and measurement, electronics manufacturing automation and electronics manufacturing services. Both newcomers and established brands, local and international, will feature at NEPCON China 2015 to show their strength and innovations, and grow their market share.

NEPCON China 2015 will feature a number of first-time exhibitors.  Among these are Giantstar, Moje, Larger, Tujiu, Robo-Technik, Sifo and Intelligent. With tech innovation and product quality at the forefront of their efforts, these new exhibitors will make every effort to impress with their new technologies and products. Industrial robot, motion control equipment, robot visual and sensor technology and system integration auto equipment are among the exhibits. With new exhibitors joining each consecutive edition of the show, NEPCON China will advance progress in electronics manufacturing.

New Exhibitors, SMT Technologies Take Lead in Electronics Manufacturing

In 2015, more and more new launches of consumer electronics, smart terminals and overwhelmingly popular wearable devices offer clues to how electronics manufacturing can regenerate.  These are also driving the local SMT sector to upgrade. With the fast emergence of new enterprises and technologies in the industry, and production scale no longer a barrier, the SMT sector, which provides integrated technical support and higher levels of automation, is starting to dominate the emerging electronics manufacturing market. 

Guangdong MOJE Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd.
New High-Speed SMT Chip Mounter

Guangdong Moje Smart Equipment, a specialist in high-end chip mounters, will exhibit at a NEPCON event for the first time at NEPCON China 2015. The company is patent holder of innovative board transferring system and smart auto nozzle replacement. Its products are international standard and it will launch the MC62S high-speed chip mounter in a cantilever model, with dual arms and 12 heads.  It will also unveil a customized mounter with high productivity, convenient operation and small size. 

Xiamen Large Automation Technology Co., Ltd.
Non-Contact Spraying Dispenser

As the initiator and leader of touch screen glue adhesion technique, Xiamen Large Automation Technology (Booth B-1G49) is a remarkable performer in precise dispensing, motion control and CCD cross application. At this exhibition, Xiamen Large Automation will promote its Large sub-brand, and showcase simple and conveniently applicable automation equipment and services. The non-contact jet dispenser, the highlight of the company’s product portfolio, has a higher degree of automation.

Blooming Automation Technology Prepares Electronics Manufacturing for Future Competition

Electronics manufacturing is under pressure to transform, upgrade, shorten production cycles, meet diversified demands and deliver higher precision.  These exigencies are driving booming demand for intelligent production. Intelligent, flexible industrial robots are undoubtedly the optimal solution for the industrial dilemma. In electronics manufacturing plants where the degree of automation is high, robotic arms are widely applied to enormously enhance production efficiency and quality. The future of electronics manufacturing depends on the degree of automation.

Tujiu (Tianjin) Technology Co., Ltd.
Universal-Robots Six-Axis Robotic Arm
Industrial Camera

Tujiu (Tianjin) Technology (Booth B-1F09) is committed to industrial automation with its long-term development plan.  The company will display the Universal Robot Six-Axis Robotic Arm with a driving system controlled by a sophisticated robot. The company has strong technical capacity that includes intelligent industrial robots and is prepared for the transformation of the electronics manufacturing industry.

The Universal-Robot Six-Axis Robotic Arm is a highly flexible mechanical arm that can be used in areas like assembly and treating materials for making small-scale products and having lots of modes. The arm reduces labor cost by eliminating human operation.  It is adaptable to various production conditions and processes. It is advanced in precise quality control, flexible processes and diversified modes for option and customization, enabling customers to remain up-to-date and highly competitive.

Shenzhen Giantstar Electronics Technology Co., Ltd.
Dual Head and Dual Station Suction Auto Screw Machine AT-SY2H2

Headquartered in Shenzhen, Giantstar Electronics Technology (Booth B-1B10) is a hardware assembly solution provider. Its electronic equipment tools and highly precise automation equipment kit are highly regarded by many well-known companies, including Foxconn.  Giantstar will showcase its Dual Head and Dual Station Suction Auto Screw AT-SY2H2 machine, widely used in mobile phone, computer production, as well as in the making of other household appliance. The machine has high efficiency, stability, precision and reliability.  Its two work stations integrate with the assembly line, ensuring efficiency maximization.

Strong Technical Support and Integrated Solutions, Accelerating Product Development

With the cloud computing structure reaching maturity, and thanks to the joint efforts of global software and hardware vendors, a variety of smart devices are becoming indispensable manufacturing equipment for electronics makers. While intelligentization and automation top the hot list, products with single-purpose functionality are incompatible with complex electronics processes. Meanwhile, integrated solutions supported by strong technical support and incorporating multiple systems can realize one-stop application management and accelerate progress towards product innovation and development.

Suzhou Robo-technik Automation Equipment Co., Ltd.
Auto Flexible Circuit Rear Assembly Testing System

Robo-Technik (Booth B-1F12) is a specialized provider of industry-specific intelligent manufacturing systems. It focuses on developing, designing and manufacturing highly accurate, high-speed intelligent solutions.  These include processing automation systems, intelligent mobile systems and manufacturing execution systems. The company will display a fully automated assembly and testing system used for flexible circuit board rear.  It will include a multi-purpose laser cutting system, a FPC PAS mounting system and a flexible circuit board test and selection system. It features full automation, high flexibility, and adaptability to various complex techniques, smart and precise operation, error reduction, high quality and reliability.

SiFO Technology Co., Ltd.
Fully Automated Test Line

Over years of development, Suzhou SiFO (Booth A-1G73) has done all-inclusive engineering tests and achieved a number of remarkable breakthroughs in numerous of major projects.  It has also established business relationships with companies around the globe, providing Original Equipment Makers (OEM) and their CMS with integrated, high quality testing, as well as other services. Fully automated test lines provide a turnkey solution that flexibly combine ICT,FCT, parallel programming, de-paneling, carrier handling, barcode scanning and more.  This fully automated test line can be integrated into the production line, greatly raising test efficiency and improving the carbon footprint. The reusable design is quickly adapted to product upgrade and low cost investment

With Overall Technology Optimization, Electronics Test and Measurement Sector Set to Realize Major Potential

Since measuring apparatus in China have grown in importance over recent years, the test and measurement industry has developed.  The gap between local general electronics measuring apparatus and automobile electronic equipment and advanced international products is quickly narrowing. Modularization and virtual technology offer new opportunities for the local test and measurement apparatus industry, which, in turn, is facilitating the emergence of new enterprises in this sector, as well as a great number of highly reliable, stable products

Zhuhai Intelligent Automation Co., Ltd.
ABS-10 Automatic Attach Machine

Intelligent Automation (Booth A-1D58) is committed to making highly efficient, quickly replaceable, measureable, intelligent equipment.  The company will launch its ABS-10 machine than can automatically attach reinforced panels to flexible circuit panels.  With this function, completed with the assistance of a visual positioning system, the machine is highly accurate, reliable and efficient.  It is also a significant cost saver. It is expected to be widely use in manufacturing sectors such as function testing, firmware burn and tuned radio frequency.

For newcomers and returning friends, NEPCON China 2015 remains the driving force for the future of the electronics manufacturing industry. The show is a valuable opportunity to communicate with trade peers, explore cooperation opportunities and improve market position. With extensive and up-to-date industry information, high exhibition quality and numerous chances to interact with professionals from across the industry chain, the show is a one-stop destination for electronics manufacturing industry professionals, who will also enjoy one-on-one services and excellent hospitality onsite.

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