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31 Mar 2015

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The global telecommunication industry is exploring a number of 5G possibilities, including infrastructure and architecture buildup. As part of this process, multiple stakeholders are cooperating to promote standardization and industrialization. Ericsson and CAICT signed an MoU in early 2015 to launch a joint 5G R&D project.

CAICT is the most important national-level ICT think tank in China.  It is also a pioneer in 3G/4G standard development. The signing of the MoU enables both parties to work together in 5G standardization under the 3GPP and ITU frameworks. Both parties agree that the joint 5G work will include wireless access, core network architecture and 5G application scenarios.

What is 5G?

Mobile telecommunication has seen its development path from 1G to 4G. Each generation features its own capacity and technological landmarks. For example, 1G features cellular technology, and 2G TDMA and FDMA. Both 1G and 2G standards focus on voice communication. Then, 3G features CDMA and supports data and multimedia services. Now, 4G features OFDM and MIMO, supporting wideband data and mobile internet. Recent years have seen the rapid development of IC technologies and stronger capacity of telecommunication systems and terminals. Telecommunication is closely integrated with computing power. Multiple wireless access technologies are maturing and being adopted at a growing rate. It is expected that 5G will have so many features that it won’t be defined by a single technological feature.

With the development of mobile telecommunication and the rapid adoption of personal and industry mobile services, the mobile telecommunication landscape will change gradually, meaning 5G is not only about higher speed, wider bandwidth, or more robust air interface, but more about enabling a smart network that meets the demands of applications and user experiences. Infrastructure involving IC, devices and software continues the quick development momentum, supporting the 5G growth towards 2020.

Figure 1: 5G capacities. Source: 5G Whitepaper, Datang Telecom Technology

5G Enables A Smart World For Users

From 1G to 4G, each upgrade has brought huge benefits and improvement to our lives. How will 5G impact us? Huawei identifies three 5G features: 10-100x network connection speed over 4G, 1 millisecond of network delay vs. 50 milliseconds of 4G, and 100 billion network connections.

The 5G era enables 10G peak data transfer. What does this mean? With 5G networks, downloading an HD movie only takes a second. So fast! Moreover, 5G will also enable realistic games, video conferences, remote surveillance, and other applications that require wideband network connections.

“Network delay” might be a term unfamiliar to the general public. It refers to the time it takes for data to be transferred to the third-party server and sent back. For 5G, the delay is shortened to 1 millisecond instead of 50 milliseconds as in 4G. The reduced delay benefits remote health care, automatic driving and other applications that require precision remote control. Take the example of an automatic car. A car traveling at 60km/s can move 1 meter in 50 milliseconds, but only 16 cm when the delay is cut to 10 milliseconds. Safety can be significantly improved.

People are connected, which is the dominant form of online connection today. In the future, wearable devices, smart home appliances, and other products requiring interconnectivity, will be widely deployed. People connect through their devices. The future will be one of Internet of Things (IoT). Statistics show that the number of global connections will increase from 7 billion now to 100 billion in 2020. A key feature of 5G networks is its ability to enable 100 billion network connections, laying down a key foundation for IoT. 5G applications will enable smart health care, education, and transportation in the foreseeable future.

Transition Period Highlights Hardware, Software and Service Competition

The global telecommunication industry is entering a key period of transition. With investment slowdown, domestic momentum for traditional telecommunication players is affected. At the same time, with the convergence of telecommunication sectors, competition is not merely about hardware, it is about comprehensive interplay of hardware, software, and service. Against the backdrop of emerging strategic industry supported by the national government, traditional telecommunication makers must transition to smart manufacturing, a process involving all stakeholders, including the government and industry players.

Reed Exhibitions will work with Shanghai Telecommunication Manufacturing Association to launch the NextGen Mobile Telecommunication Manufacturing Development Summit Forum at the Shanghai Expo Center on 21 April alongside NEPCON China 2015. The forum is designed to provide predictive analysis of high-end smart device manufacturing trends and technological applications. The organizers will invite industry pioneers from ZTE, Huawei, SIMCom, Datang Mobile and Digital China to share their key insights.

A leading industry event with a history of 40 years, NEPCON China will gather over 500 leading electronics manufacturers from 22 countries and regions at Shanghai Expo Center from 21 April to 23 April. They will meet over 21,000 trade visitors to explore the latest industry trends.

News Source: NEPCON

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