NEPCON China 2017 is to witness new development of the electronics manufacturing industry by launching a feature exhibition zone

09 Jun 2017

Either informatization & industrialization of the manufacturing industry, or "Internet+" strategy penetration requires strong support of electronic hardware. The electronics manufacturing industry will get great opportunities in this round of economic transformation and upgrading in China. According to the data of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the added value of above-scale electronic information manufacturing industries grew by 10% year-on-year in 2016, 4 percentage points higher than that of above-scale industries.

The highly-anticipated NEPCON China 2017 will be held during April 25-27, 2017. This year's exhibition features 4 exhibition areas: electronics manufacturing automation (EMA) exhibition area, new electronic materials area to be unveiled for the first time, express mail special (EMS) center and surface-mount technology (SMT) area, staging a "carnival" of the electronics manufacturing industry at the Shanghai World Expo Exhibition and Convention Center.

NEPCON's "SMT sector" walks at the forefront with a market capacity of RMB 319 million in 2017

The global electronics manufacturing industry is entering a period of intensive innovation and rapid development of emerging enterprises, in which SMT technology plays an increasingly important role as the basic engineering and core part of electronic components. Take the surface-mount sector for example. After more than 30 years of development, China's annual demand of SMT machines has grown at a rate of 15-20%, and China now has the world's largest SMT machine population and is the world's largest and most important SMT machine market.

At NEPCON China 2017, the "SMT sector" will cover the surface-mount exhibition area, welding and glue spraying exhibition area, and testing and measurement exhibition area, completely presenting electronics manufacturing processes and intensively showcasing the world famous manufacturing brands and mainstream products.

Fuji Machinery Manufacturing (Booth No.:1G55) has been committed to providing the world's top-class electronic component mounting robots and will showcase a variety of products such as an ultra-high-speed high-precision mounting device for 0201 components, a device for production of a variety of components and a device for hand inserting services. Among them, NXT III, a module-type high-speed multi-functional SMT machine, is a new SMT machine that inherits NXT II's concept and further improves productivity and mounting quality.

FUJI’s module-type high-speed multi-functional SMT machine NXT III

Koh Young (Booth No.:1H15), as a leading enterprise in the 3D SPI and 3D AOI field will showcase Zenith, which has promoted a new revolution in SMT process control by identifying and analyzing causes of weaknesses through optical detection based on excellent 3D measurement and calculation. At the exhibition, Keysight will launch the more streamlined and compact dual-module E9905EL i307x 5 testing system as well as complete online testing and functional testing solutions.

BTU is a global supplier and technology leader of advanced thermal processing equipment and technology for electronics manufacturing and alternative energy markets. BTU's devices to be showcased at this exhibition are used for the production of printed circuit board components, semiconductor packaging and manufacturing of solar cells and nuclear fuel. In 1995, the German company ERSA (Booth No.: 1F35) invented the world's first selective wave soldering machine. At this exhibition, ERSA will bring Hotflow3/20 nitrogen-filled reflux furnace, Powerflow tunnel type nitrogen-filled wave soldering machine and selective wave soldering machine, and HR600/2 fully-automatic rework workstation, portable BGA optical inspection instrument, and other advanced technology products.

     ERSA third-generation selective wave soldering machine

"Made in China 2025" to promote automation transformation of enterprises and "EMA exhibition area" to focus on industry trends

With the introduction of the "Made in China 2025" plan, some of the leading electronics manufacturing enterprises in China have undergone automation transformation, setting off a wave of electronics manufacturing automation throughout the whole industry. In the new situation, automation technologies and products such as sensors, machine vision, controllers and transmission control have found a lot of successful applications in the electronics manufacturing industry. As a growing number of electronics manufacturing enterprises have paid attention to production cost and efficiency, electronics manufacturing automation is expected to climax in the next 2-3 years.

NEPCON China 2017 will intensively display the applications of advanced industrial automation technology and system integration technology in the electronics manufacturing industry in the "electronics manufacturing automation exhibition area". For example, B&P (Booth No.: 1F25), as an industry leader and the world's only supplier of  one-stop hardware and software solutions for industry 4.0 intelligent factories, will showcase an upgraded third-generation high-speed and high-precision special inserting machine that took five years to develop, which offers a record speed of 0.7s and world-leading technology and stability.

                            B&P special inserting machine

HOSTAR (Booth No.: 1F16) is mainly engaged in the R&D, design, manufacturing, sales and after-sales services of industrial automation equipment, automatic testing systems, logistics warehousing systems, electronics manufacturing equipment and industrial robots. At this exhibition, the company will showcase multiple integrated applications of professional automatic glue dispensing systems, automatic high-precision mounting systems, automatic nozzle cleaning, detection and access systems and collaborative six-axis robots as well as a whole set of highly-efficient full-automatic production assembly lines.

    HOSTAR automatic high-precision mounting system

During the automation transformation of the traditional electronics manufacturing industry, more and more different automation devices have been applied in different processes. Automation devices such as robots, sensors and controllers with different specifications and functions can be organically integrated based on specific production needs to improve production efficiency. A recent online survey on professional buyers conducted by the NEPCON project team shows that non-standard and system integration devices are among automation devices attracting the most attention of professional buyers.

NEPCON China 2017 will be attended by a number of system integrators, such as SMD Automation (Booth No.: 1G16). The company has been dedicated to providing motion control and machine vision-related system integration and high-end technology services for the manufacturing industry. At this exhibition, it will showcase a RVA robot vision positioning system, a system for lamination detection of mobile phone shell accessories, a CG&LCD appearance testing system, a CNC mobile phone positioning system and a pipeline tracking system.

                     RVA robot vision positioning system

With new electronic materials seizing the commanding heights of technology development, NEPCON offers a special area to capture hot market trends

The new electronic materials are a main part of the new and high technology, the foundation and the forerunner of the development of the high and new technology as well as the key to improving the traditional industrial technology and adjusting the industrial structure. The new electronic materials industry is considered an industry in the twenty-first century that has the most development potential and a huge impact on future development. Today, the developed countries across the world all put the new materials industry at an important strategic position in the race for high technology industry development and give priority to its development.

How to shift the focus of new electronic materials from market demand and industry demand to personalized demand and inject new vitality into the electronics manufacturing industry is a focus of the industry. The "new electronic materials area", a key sector launched by NEPCON China 2017 for the first time, will cooperate with the industry's hot topic conferences such as mobile phone manufacturing materials and automobiles while integrating electronic materials enterprises, electronics manufacturing enterprises, professional associations and media resources to thoroughly discuss and display the new electronic materials field.

Kao (Booth No.: 2N15), Silks Place and other well-known enterprises of the industry will appear in the new electronic materials exhibition area. Among them, Silks Place (Booth No.: 2L10) will deliver a speech entitled Research and Application of New Energy-Saving High-Strength Low- Temperature Lead-Free Solder at the forum on 2017 Mobile Phone Industry Chain Summit-Materials and Components during Apr 26-27. The 2017 Mobile Phone Industry Chain Summit is a new conference for the ever-changing smart phone industry offered by this year's NEPCON China based on the industry's situation. The mobile phone manufacturing materials sub-forum will focus on the latest smart phone technology and materials, where analysts and senior industry professionals will introduce the current application and market analysis of new materials in the context of the development trends and market competition of smart phones.

EMS center to provide thoughtful services and create a complete industry ecosystem

When manufacturers provide a variety of services for different regions, they must require unified procurement, distribution and maintenance services in order to achieve the best product efficiency, which is precisely the feature of the EMS industry. Therefore, to electronics manufacturing enterprises, a complete set of feasible production and service solutions are more important than products themselves.

NEPCON China 2017 is currently China's only business, trade and procurement platform dedicated to providing electronics manufacturing service solutions for electronics brand enterprises and electronics Makers. In order to provide more opportunities for Makers, the Maker display area in the EMS center will especially cooperate with ICcafe, a well-known technology service and entrepreneurial service platform in the ICT field. Magnity Electronics's infrared camera products, Ziwei's portable alcohol tester, Panowin's 3D printer, Cleverdog's smart home system, OYMotion's EMG bracelet and Guixudianzai's small box robot and other Maker products will have the opportunity to be further integrated with the industrial chain.

It is worth mentioning that the 2017 C-Touch and Display Shanghai and the 2017 International New Display Technology Exhibition will be held concurrently with NEPCON China 2017 at the same venue. In recent years, the emerging electronics market has promoted the development of the touch screen and display panel industry and all enterprises have accelerated R&D, trying to seize technological advantages during the upgrading period. The C-Touch and Display Shanghai and the International New Display Technology Exhibition are a product and technology trading platform integrating touch screen and display technology and will cover touch screen modules/displays, touch screen components / manufacturing materials, touch screen manufacturing equipment, touch screen application products, touch screen application software and solution providers, biometric exhibition area and metal phone shells, and gather tens of thousands of professional buyers from industries such as global touch screen, display panel, mobile phone manufacturing, audio-visual equipment, and electronics program design, integrating the upstream and downstream of the touch and photoelectric display industries.

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