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Solderability and Reliability Evolution of No-Clean Solder Fluxes For Selective Soldering

Abstract:Wave soldering still remains a must, with an increasing share of “selective” soldering processes. Such processes are more challenging for the fluxes in terms of reliability under operation, since some chemistries remaining on the printed circuit boards after soldering may promote corrosion.

The paper will cover the types of flux used in the electronic industry according to their chemistry and activation level, and their characteristics with reference to standards. The limits of current standards will be discussed in regards to the last generation solder fluxes.

Then, the development of two low-residue new generation fluxes, an alcohol-based flux and a true VOC-free flux, will be described. Reliability will be especially investigated through surface insulation resistance, electro-chemical migration test, ionic contamination as well as Bono tests to determine the candidates able to provide high processability combined with chemical inertness of residues. Finally, the performance of flux will be assessed through customer tests, involving several types of boards, finishes and different solder alloys and wave equipment.






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